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Google happens. To Mitt Romney now.

I’ve written before about Rick Santorum’s painful Google results.  Uh oh, they did it again!  Google is now showing, ahem, an undesirable #2 result for the search query “romney”, as seen here:


Why does this keep happening? Maybe it’s because politicians let advertising agencies handle their search engine optimization needs.  (Psssst.  Hey candidates.  How about you hire a real SEO to do your SEO work, next time?)  But I digress.

Danny Sullivan has written a beautiful analysis of how this latest bit of scata-search nastiness really came to be.  Through a combination of freshness, media attention, and social signals, Spreading Romney reached top ranks extremely rapidly.  Is it a sign that Google is doing a great job of displaying sites people care about?  Or is it the latest example of chinks in the mighty Google algorithm?

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