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In Google Politics Search, We Want Gossip & Laughs

Amidst all that is dark in this world, it’s good to know that so many of us are mostly in it for the laughs, and the dirty pleasures of someone else’s scandal.

At least, that’s the impression I get looking at the Google Suggest keywords this evening.  How could I have been so behind the times to miss the Obama Chia Pet craze?  How could I, who loves an embarrassing scandal as much as my fellow Americans, have missed the titillating tale that Santorum’s wife had an affair with an abortion doctor?  And how did I, a patriot in every corpuscle, manage to sleep through Obama’s adorable rendition of Al Green?

Good thing there’s Google Suggest to set me straight.  Here are today’s suggestions for Obama and Santorum:

If these lists teach us anything,  it may be this:  we are a nation of people with way too much time on our hands.  We’re tremendously interested in entertaining ourselves – with slapstick humor and sex, or ideally the two together – and not very interested in information.

The one and only important item on these two lists?  “Obama NDAA”, which refers to President Obama’s signing of the controversial defense bill (National Defense Authorization Act) that authorizes indefinite detention of US citizens.   Ron Paul described it as the beginning of martial law in the United States.  As a worrying turning point in our society, the NDAA just barely outranks “obama jokes” in the public eye.  We’ll be laughing all the way to the internment camps!

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